Mayan race and Tamils are the same







The hidden histories are fine.Didn’t tell you, this one is not enough. So why do I talk about something now? I’m not at home or a sibling …

I’m going to say that the sea is going to be called muddlekity (lemuriyan continent).

Who did you say? How is the Kumari kandam going full? That’s what everyone says, that’s what I say.

Look at a little Sindhi Rama Sinni Kolala Kanthana Bridge Aptinan Rameswararathula Katraka Rama Bridge. He is still in the tune of the bridge. And then, when the Rama converts the bridge over to the bridge, the continent is full of the continent.

Now you think

This is a sample trail I’m going to bring you to this map as well as the same as the one with the shadows, the mustache, the jacket and the bark of a cloth.

You may know about the Mayan diary What the 2012 world is so destructive to tell me to be afraid of the fears I now believe that the magic and the Tamils? But that is the truth.Maybe Afraid is not a word Tamil only is not in any language.And you will see a Tamil and Mayan people in the side of the adjoining scene.

Who are the people of this Mayan?

Mayan is also a civilization of 4000 years. Then another civilization is Dravidian civilization.

Tamila, Malayalam, Telugu, Tulu, Brahui, etc., was the original language of Tamil.

The Maan people and the pronunciation of the language and the Tamil language are the same. In their book, the house is home to 4,000 millions east. The same civilization on the east is 4000 miles east of the Dravidian civilization.

Synonyms of Tamils ​​and illusions: –

Our Dravidian architect and their Mayan architecture are entirely adaptable but, unfortunately, their architecture is only in their book.

The Raja Raja Cholan built the Tanjore Big Temple is also in the book of the arts of architecture.

Mayan peoples are widespread in Central America, affiliated to South America and North America

The Tamils ​​and the mysteries were astronomical in the astrological art. Chidambaram Natarajar in the temple. Sigabhagavan in the temple can be said at the Chidambaram Nataraja Purna under the name of the place where the Earth is the center of the earth today today is discovered by our ancestors. Tayullanar.

All the planets come around the sun when it comes to the radiation of each planet on the earth. The calculus of Saturn is predicted.

மாயன் இனம் மக்களும் தமிழ்மக்களும் ஒன்றுதான்There are two other reasons for their calendar year with the year 2012. There should be two reasons for the calculation of the calendar or the calendar after 2012 may











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